Beth Anne Krah

The biomorphic nature of my sculptures appears to have been formed deep beneath the ocean’s surface or crashing along with the coast with the waves. I relish defying the norm and pushing the limits of clay as it begs to fly unrelenting into directions unbeknownst to me until the conversation is over and I’ve succumbed to its charge. These unrestrained graceful lines reach beyond imagination as I relinquish control and allow the clay the freedom to reside over the ultimate design.

What may begin as a simple small vase becomes more beautiful and intriguing as the clay asserts itself beneath my fingers, often going through times of doubt and frustration as neither of us are sure where we are heading.


If I’m fortunate enough to spend time on the coast alone, I tend to get distracted with Sandpipers and Seagulls. But it still surprises me when I suddenly realize the sun disappeared, the crowds have dispersed and I’m the only one left. The moon appears like a pinhole through which to view God and wonder what marvels are on the other side. The surf slows and I settle in for one last sandcastle before retreating. Those are the moments I am most serene. So brief are these glimpses of peaceful solitude that I cling to them all the more.


Crashing down off the high seas, this piece swells up within me a desire to grasp hold of life with as much gusto as I can muster up. Surprisingly, my hand fits perfectly underneath the wave as my thumb rests in the curvature of nature’s splendor.


Very rarely do we get a chance to see what is formed deep beneath the surface of the seas. This piece is reminiscent of deep sea coral 20,000’ below where lush coral gardens thrive. Not requiring sunlight, they need only to trap organisms in passing currents to obtain energy and nutrients, as this sculpture captures brilliantly.


First glance at this tiny rebel from the deep hints at a free spirit just begging to get out from under the confines of normal sea life. Reminds me of myself most days as I relish defying the norm and avoid the typical at all costs. It’s refreshing, to be sure, and begs for a deeper look into whence it came and why so desperate to escape.


Care & Shipping Info…


Place sculpture out of direct sunlight in a location where it won’t get bumped or knocked over, preferably in a display case or behind glass where it is more protected.


Handle sculptures as little as possible – deciding on where to place them ahead of time. Always wash hands first and use both hands when
handling pieces.


Avoid using detergents and chemicals and as well as cloths as they may scratch the surface. Using a very soft paintbrush, lightly brush over the sculpture to remove dust particles.

Packaging & Shipping

Gently wrap plenty of tissue paper or dry-cleaning plastic bags around sculpture, being sure to generously cover the sharp edges as they will poke through cardboard and snap.


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