The biomorphic nature of Beth’s sculptures appears to have been formed deep beneath the ocean’s surface. What may begin as a simple small vase becomes more beautiful and intriguing as the clay asserts itself beneath her fingers, often going through times of doubt and frustration as neither sculpture nor clay are sure of the direction they head. Eventually, these unrestrained graceful lines reach beyond imagination as she relinquishes control and allows the clay the freedom to preside over the ultimate design. The fine edges of her pieces take hours to fine-tune with approximately 90 pinches per minute. Her larger sculptures have been pinched over 12,000 to 21,000 times.

Beth resides on the outskirts of Atlanta with her husband, Mark. Their son, Preston, is currently attending graduate school in DC. She is a columnist, speaker, educator, and consultant for first responders, public health officials and disaster preparedness personnel regarding strategies for infection prevention measures.

Select sculptures are available for purchase through the Savannah Gallery of Art as well as through our website.

Artist’s Statement

“Each sculpture has a story of its own and comes from an integral part of my life’s journey. Whether spending time on the coast at night after the crowds have left or SCUBA diving deep into coral beds, my love for the sea and the myriad of petals in my garden propel me to create the beauty we rarely consider in our busy schedules. Those are the moments I am most serene. So brief are these glimpses of peaceful solitude that I cling to them all the more.
Over the years, these petals edges have continued to evolve, becoming more ethereal and fragile to the point that I’m shy about examining them too closely.”

Latest News

Kathy Ireland & I on Set

Kathy Ireland Surprised with Porcelain Vase Sculpted by Beth Anne Krah.

Beth was able to spend a couple days with Kathy Ireland and her production crew this month and surprised Kathy with a hand sculpted porcelain vase. The fine edges of her pieces take hours to fine-tune with approximately 90 pinches per minute. Her larger sculptures have been pinched and altered over 12,000 to 21,000 times. 

Hmmm… may sneak up on you as a mirror 😂
I just never know what the clay has in mind. I don’t typically get too much of a say in the matter. Shall I gild it?
Another golden nugget in the works. ❤️ Shipment of 12 orchid vases going out shortly.
SO proud of this kid!! ❤️ Masters in Biology, George Mason Univ.
Thank you Source for choosing to include my sculptures in another Showhouse! More are coming y’all, stay tuned!!! ❤️😁 https://www.instagram.com/p/C6rb9Vxpm3s/?igsh=N2ljcTcwYmVudHMz
Just a Funky Monday Morning Wow 🥰❤️💛
Can you imagine a lamp base in this glaze w porcelain dogwoods cascading down around it? ❤️❤️❤️
Have some rough spots to consider (colors and how to keep thin petals attached), but here’s the first sample dogwood. ❤️ Beaucoup possibilities!!!
Flashback to giving my 1st porcelain vase ever to Kathy Ireland. Being part of her production team for the week - much added bonus! ❤️