Care & Shipping


Place sculpture out of direct sunlight in a location where it won’t get bumped or knocked over, preferably in a display case or behind glass where it is more protected. Be sure to place pieces far enough apart from each other so edges don’t touch – they will easily chip if two of these sculptures get too close to each other.


Handle sculptures as little as possible – deciding on where to place them ahead of time. Always wash hands first and use both hands when handling pieces. Remove jewelry like bracelets or watches that might catch on ruffled edges. Edges are very sharp and fragile, so use extreme caution. Some pieces don’t have obvious places to grab hold, so choose a spot where the wall appears thicker and gently lift the piece as you place your other hand under the base, ensuring gentle but firm control. Some of the more fragile pieces may benefit from being wrapped in several lightweight dry-cleaning plastic bags for easier handling.


Avoid using detergents and chemicals and as well as cloths as they may scratch the surface. Using a very soft paintbrush, lightly brush over the sculpture to remove dust particles. If needed, rinse gently with a mild dish soap and soft paintbrush. Allow to air dry in a safe place – or use a hair dryer on a cool setting and gently wave over sculpture – being careful not to touch the edges with the dryer. Avoid using towels to dry as fibers will snag on the edges and damage the towel or sculpture.

Packaging & Shipping

Gently wrap plenty of tissue paper or dry-cleaning plastic bags around sculpture, being sure to generously cover the sharp edges as they will poke through cardboard and snap. Use several bags wrapped around the piece adding bubble wrap overtop and taping around it with painter’s tape, if needed. Stronger tape will tear the packaging and potentially snap off those fragile edges. If using tissue, lightly pack around the piece with several sheets. Keeping the piece upright, place into box several inches larger than the sculpture on all sides and place enough tissue or shredded paper on all sides to ensure it’s snug and won’t jostle around. Do NOT use packing peanuts inside this box – they are too firm and will snap fragile edges. Once sealed, place box into another box to cradle the sculpture. There should be no less than 3” around all sides filled with packing material to insulate it from being jarred or bumped through the side of the box. Packing peanuts are fine for the outer box. Label box FRAGILE on all sides and utilize shipping insurance.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at 770-354-8948 or email at bethannekrah@gmail.com. Enjoy your sculpture!